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A Treasure of Inspirational Insights

Here's something rare, a vibrant snapshot response to the trials and triumphs we all experience, though we often can't find the words to capture the depth, and the human magic, of those experiences. Her process was simplicity itself: She wrote poems or short, precise comments, and found quotes about the world around her. Then she provided images that perfectly illustrated the ideas. She organized these into an extended Instagram account, called it Goal2Soul ("SOUL" stood for Sending Out Unlimited Love), that released her message into the world.

This is Jen's gift to us. Every page reflects the humor, wisdom, and feelings we need to help us appreciate our own journey in life. Though her time here in the dance of life was brief, her impact can be felt on every page, in every photo and poem, in each creative, funny, passionate, and deeply moving moment. May her gift inspire you, and may you too be touched by her love and kindness.


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